East (Fudan Business Unit): Shanghai Fudan Water Engineering and Technology CO. Ltd

Shanghai Fudan Water Engineering Technology Co., Ltd was established in Fudan University in 2002. It is a professional Engineering company focused on high-technology research in waste water treatment and project investments. It takes advantages of Fudan University and the financial support of Shanghai Municipal Government to do some advanced researches which help the infrastructure development of Shanghai City. It is one of the first companies in China to do investment in wastewater projects in BOT mode. In 2015, SIIC Environment, controlled 92.15% of Fudan Water Engineering and Technology CO. Ltd through equity exchange. After the completion of the merger and acquisition, Fudan University holds 7.85% equity of Fudan Water. Fudan Water now benefit the support and advantageous resources from both shareholders.

Fudan Water has invested 14 water treatment projects in the Yangtze River Delta (Shanghai, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang) and Henan. The designed capacity for BOT mode is more than 2.17 million tons/day. Among those projects, there are 11 municipal water treatment projects, with a built-up capacity of 1.078 million tons/day; 3 industrial wastewater projects, with a built-up capacity of 33,100 tons/day. There are two sludge treatment projects with a total design capacity of 700 tons/day.

Originating from Fudan University and adhering to the tradition of Fudan University, Fudan Water established 5 practical ecotype wastewater treatment technologies patents at the beginning of its establishment which are breakthrough technologies compared to traditional process. Fudan Water now has 34 patents, of which four are Invent Patents. In 2002, Fudan Water obtained the Level I qualification certificate for operation of environmental pollution control facilities for both domestic wastewater treatment and industrial wastewater treatment (this qualification is the highest qualification in China's environmental pollution control industry). Fudan Water is also a member of “Advanced Companies of the Shanghai Drainage Association”, “Shanghai Innovative Company”, a member of “Shanghai Science and Technology Small Giant (Cultivation) Enterprise”, and a member of “Small Giant Enterprise in Shanghai Yangpu District.